Bad Billy Shave Oil will make you wonder why you ever used anything else! Shave oil (sometimes called pre-shave oil) isn’t a secret any more! It has now become one of the most talked about methods of handling the everyday chore of getting a smooth, irritant free shave.

Packaged in a 30 milliliter dropper bottle, Bad Billy Shave Oil contains the finest carrier and essential oils designed to prevent razor burn, razor rash, shaving bumps and nicks.

You might ask, “How can that be?” Well the mixture of essentials in our Shave Oil helps to soften even the toughest facial hairs, provide a slick surface for your razor to glide on and replenishes your natural oils that shaving strips away all with a light, fresh scent. Be assured the scent of our shave oil will never conflict with your favorite after shave or cologne!

Bad Billy Shave Oil can be used by itself or as a pre-shave base for your regular shaving cream. First wash your face with our Beard Bar, rinse well and leave your face wet. Now place 2-4 drops of our shave oil in the palm of your hand and rub into the areas you wish to shave. Because Bad Billy Shave Oil is transparent you can shave right up to your beard line with no problems. Missed a spot? Just wet the area and continue to shave, you won’t need any more shave oil!


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