Bad Billy and Harry’s Razors!!

Bad Billy Receives a Harry’s Limited Edition Razor!
(an apocryphal tale)

This past week we received our “One of One Limited Edition” of Harry’s new soft handled razor with the new Gen II blade. We were really pumped! There it was in an exclusive Bad Billy red box with the Bad Billy label!!

Who knew that Harry’s Razors would honor our little company? But what else can we conclude?

Here’s the Harry’s box as it arrived. Note the “One of One Limited Edition” and the world famous Bad Billy Beard Company logo. It even has our motto “LET BAD BILLY GET YOUR GOAT”Harrys Ltd

When I opened it up, there’s a brand new BAD BILLY BEARD COMPANY RED Harry’s razor…just too cool for school!

So here’s my new “One of One, Limited Edition” razor resting against the exclusive Bad Billy Beard black razor stand and sitting by Bad Billy Shave oil, Bad Billy Beard Bars and in the back, Bad Billy Beard Balm!! All in our signature colors of red, black and white. We couldn’t be more proud!!Harrys and BB

(Ok, so Harry’s didn’t really create a Bad Billy Limited Edition razor. They did, however, create a limited edition for a major retailer and it just so happens that they share the same colors as Bad Billy. I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t help myself and pretended that a giant like Harry’s found Bad Billy Beard Company and wanted to surprise us!!)