About Us

When I first started my goatee I looked around for something to stop the itch! Every guy who has ever grown a beard of any length has run into this problem and I was no exception. Looking at the men’s counter at the local drug, big box, and grocery stores turned up nothing at all! I started researching and the result has now become Bad Billy.

Almost all the beard care products found on the internet are pricey and for the fellows that have the long, full beards.  There’s just nothing for those of us who like the neat look of a goatee or short beard, and there’s even less for the really short, stubble or “scruff’ look that so many like to wear…WELL NOW THERE IS!!

We ARE your affordable source for face and beard care and we have a great product line-up that should take care of the itch, help you with a clean and precise shave, and make your beard soft and manageable.
We’re a home based business deep in the heart of Texas and our goal is to give you beard care products found nowhere else at prices that make sense. Check us out and give us a try!