A Better Beard Bar!

About a month or so ago our long-time soap source informed us that she was retiring. We were devastated! Our customers have been in love with this artisanal pine tar and goats milk bar of wonderfulness. It was colorful, it smelled awesome and really worked!

So what were we to do? First we searched for soap makers in Texas. We got only one response but, their terms were just unacceptable. Then we kept searching and finally found an awesome home-based soap maker that produces a goats milk and pine tar soap that really wanted to work with Bad Billy!

Their soap is cold processed and must “age” for up to 60 days in order to be fully cured. This process gives us a very smooth beautiful bar. Its scent is more like leather than pine and it is just superb!

YOU BET this works as well as our former beard bar! It has all of the ingredients that we feel are necessary for our men’s facial soap

Olive Oil

Dairy Pure Goat’s milk

Coconut Oil

Sustainable Organic Palm Oil

Pharmaceutical Grade Organic Pine Tar

Vitamin E

Sodium Hydroxide

And to answer the question, “Is our new Beard Bar better?” The answer is it just might be!

Try our new “Bad Billy Beard Bar”! You’ll find it is truly a masculine scented bar of goodness!