Awesome Ingredients

In our brochure we say that a complete ingredient list is available here on our website. Unfortunately there just wasn’t room in our product descriptions to list everything that makes Bad Billy Beard Bar so spectacular or the amazing ingredients that go into producing Bad Billy Shave Oil. As for our Bad Billy Beard Balm…ditto.

So we’ll use this blog post to get the job done!

Our Bad Billy Beard Bar is one of the finest handmade soaps available. It is made especially for us by another home based business that has been producing award winning soaps for over 15 years! It contains:
• Dairy Pure Goat’s Milk
• Palm and Palm Kernel Oil
• Coconut Oil
• Pine Tar
• Sodium Hydroxide

Our Bad Billy Beard Bar is made using the warm process, so it’s cured and ready to use the moment you get it.

We are so proud of our Bad Billy Shave Oil! Our ingredients are sourced from all over the world! Our combination of the finest essential oils, emolients, and emulsifiers make Bad Billy Shave Oil the finest available:
• Soybean Oil * Cucumber Extract
• Castor Seed Oil * Chamomile Extract
• Olive Oil * Calendula Flower Extract
• Sweet Almond Oil * Yarrow Flower Extract
• Jojoba Oil * Sage Leaf Extract
• Walnut Seed Oil * Carragena Extract
• Sesame Seed Oil * Rosemary Leaf Extract
• Carrot Seed Oil * Kiwi Fruit Extract
• Safflower Oil * Thyme Leaf Extract

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff…and it is all necessary to make our Bad Billy Shave Oil awesome!!

Bad Billy Beard Balm
Like Bad Billy Shave Oil, Bad Billy Beard Balm’s ingredients come to us from the four corners of the globe! We use the finest natural botanicals, herbal extracts, vitamins, protein and essential oils. This is a true, professional product and, as such, we are only allowed to give you a partial list as there are a number of ingredients that are proprietary. So here you go!
• Olive Oil * Wild Carrot Seed Oil
• Lanolin Oil * Safflower Seed Oil
• Mineral Oil * Nettle Seed Oil
• Oregano Leaf Oil * Rosemary Seed Extract
• Wild Horsetail Extract * Egg Protein Powder

Please be assured that the other ingredients in Bad Billy Beard Balm are all of the highest cosmetic quality and have been used for years in the compounding of hair care products.