Free Shipping? We Got It!

We here at Bad Billy are very aware of the advantages of free shipping for folks who shop on the internet. It seems so perfect!! You order a product and the price you see is the price you get … or is it?

How are Amazon or eBay merchants able to do this? I mean USPS, UPS, and FedEx charge for every package that they deliver don’t they? Absolutely! So the big guys absorb the cost. They add to their retail price to offset the “free” shipping charges. As we all know, NOTHING IS FREE!!

Well, Bad Billy isn’t going to be outdone by these guys! No siree!! We have very reasonable shipping charges for our product line up. We charge a flat $5.00 on individual items, which is just about break-even. But here’s the kicker…if your order total is $30 or more we will absorb the shipping costs and send your package of Bad Billy goodness to you at no charge! Yep, you read it right here! Bad Billy Beard Company will ship your order for FREE!!

So there’s no reason to hesitate! Place your order now! As we like to say around here…LET BAD BILLY GET YOUR GOAT!