Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Bad Billy Beard Company! We just wanted to reach out to thank you so much for your support in 2017!

Our internet sales continue to pick up and we are so appreciative that you placed your trust in us. We are hopeful that we can expand this part of our business in the coming year and sincerely hope that you’ll be a part of it!

We are committed to improving every aspect of our product line in 2018. This past year we upgraded our Beard Bar (our pine tar/goats milk soap); our Shave Oil received new packaging (white glass dropper bottle with a red bulb dropper) and its size was increased by 30% to a full 30 milliliters!

We improved the containers for our best selling Beard Balm by changing the 60 milliliters snap cap tub to a white with red screw cap jar! Our Beard Bar Bench (the wooden soap dish) was also upgraded and now has water drainage slots.

The big news, however, was our introduction of Bad Billy X-Treme in the last quarter of 2017. If you haven’t been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have missed it. We brought out four new beard balms and added matching aftershave/cologne options! Our new beard balms contain the same ingredients as our original, but now have had elegant and masculine fragrances added! Our aftershave/cologne comes in a 60-milliliter spray bottle and can also be used as a body spray or air freshener!

We had fun naming them and came up with some that we think are really fun! If you haven’t already, please check out Bad Billy EVIL, Bad Billy WICKED, Bad Billy MEAN, and Bad Billy NASTY available on our website or at the gun shows where we sell directly to the public!

On tap for 2018 may be more X-Treme products and we will be adding an incredible beard comb! I can’t tell you a lot about it right now, but it will not be wood and it won’t be plastic. I’ve received some samples and honestly, they’re awesome!

So once again, Happy New Year! Thank you for letting Bad Billy get your goat in 2017 and please check us out in 2018!

A Better Beard Bar!

About a month or so ago our long-time soap source informed us that she was retiring. We were devastated! Our customers have been in love with this artisanal pine tar and goats milk bar of wonderfulness. It was colorful, it smelled awesome and really worked!

So what were we to do? First we searched for soap makers in Texas. We got only one response but, their terms were just unacceptable. Then we kept searching and finally found an awesome home-based soap maker that produces a goats milk and pine tar soap that really wanted to work with Bad Billy!

Their soap is cold processed and must “age” for up to 60 days in order to be fully cured. This process gives us a very smooth beautiful bar. Its scent is more like leather than pine and it is just superb!

YOU BET this works as well as our former beard bar! It has all of the ingredients that we feel are necessary for our men’s facial soap

Olive Oil

Dairy Pure Goat’s milk

Coconut Oil

Sustainable Organic Palm Oil

Pharmaceutical Grade Organic Pine Tar

Vitamin E

Sodium Hydroxide

And to answer the question, “Is our new Beard Bar better?” The answer is it just might be!

Try our new “Bad Billy Beard Bar”! You’ll find it is truly a masculine scented bar of goodness!

Free Shipping? We Got It!

We here at Bad Billy are very aware of the advantages of free shipping for folks who shop on the internet. It seems so perfect!! You order a product and the price you see is the price you get … or is it?

How are Amazon or eBay merchants able to do this? I mean USPS, UPS, and FedEx charge for every package that they deliver don’t they? Absolutely! So the big guys absorb the cost. They add to their retail price to offset the “free” shipping charges. As we all know, NOTHING IS FREE!!

Well, Bad Billy isn’t going to be outdone by these guys! No siree!! We have very reasonable shipping charges for our product line up. We charge a flat $5.00 on individual items, which is just about break-even. But here’s the kicker…if your order total is $30 or more we will absorb the shipping costs and send your package of Bad Billy goodness to you at no charge! Yep, you read it right here! Bad Billy Beard Company will ship your order for FREE!!

So there’s no reason to hesitate! Place your order now! As we like to say around here…LET BAD BILLY GET YOUR GOAT!


Christmas 2016 is almost upon us and we here at Bad Billy Beard Company are in the swing! We’ve got several events lined up and we’ve put together some very special Holiday baskets that we’ll be offering for sale exclusively at the shows.

All this preparation got me to thinking … always a dangerous endeavor! It’s time to stop buying gift cards and start buying real gifts!

I know, everybody appreciates a good card like to Bass Pro, Academy, or Walmart, but come on is that really what says how much you care for that special person on your Christmas list? I think not!

Nothing will express your feelings more than a little something from Bad Billy Beard Company! For as little as $5.00 (plus shipping) you’ll be able to get a unique and special present showing that you put some thought into this year’s Christmas! And isn’t that what you really want? I bet it is!!

So check out all our products; Bad Billy Beard Bar, Bad Billy Shave Oil, Bad Billy Beard Balm, Beard Bar Bench, and our Scissors/Comb set. You can buy these individually or one of our specially priced Combo Packs! And if that isn’t enough…Bad Billy will pay your shipping on orders over $30!!


Giving Back…With A Purpose

I’m pretty sure that every retail operation has been asked to contribute to this cause or that one. Whether it be Wounded Warriors and other veteran organizations or community groups like the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, our local communities depend on support from us.

Bad Billy has been participating in charity work even before we were open for business! The San Antonio Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team Patrick Castro contacted us last summer about helping out. We proudly put together one of our Professional Sets in the form of a gift basket for their live auction event held in September of 2015. Although we never received a thank you from them, nor how much our contribution raised, we are still happy that we did it.

This past fall we heard from our bearded buddies at the North Texas Beard Alliance. They were running a beard contest to support the Tarrant Area Food Bank and Wise Hope Shelter & Crisis Center. Even though we are located way down in South Texas, we were proud to help out with a Professional Set of Bad Billy Beard products. And yes, they DID say thanks!

We’ve been thinking about what we wish to do in the future. How can we support causes that are important? We are a very small, home-based, mom & pop company so we don’t have a lot of ready cash to throw around.

We’ve reached the conclusion that with the thousands and thousands of charities and groups looking for assistance we are going to support only those that we have a personal connection with. As a strong Second Amendment supporter, I believe one of our selections should be the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action. This is the arm of the NRA actively involved in a local, state and national lobbying effort to protect and secure our rights as outlined in the constitution. They truly are the sharp point of the spear.

Another organization that is worthy of our consideration is the American Tinnitus Association. Not many know that the #1 injury suffered by our troops is tinnitus. This can be minor or debilitating. More than 20% of the population suffers from this condition. Of the 20%, nearly all are men. Tinnitus has been my “companion” for over 25 years. The ringing in my ears never stops and there is no cure…yet. That is what the ATA is all about. Trying to find a cure and we want to support them as best we can.

We also want to support the National Movember Foundation. This organization is dedicated to finding cures for prostate and testicular cancer as well as other diseases unique to men. Although their fundraising efforts culminated every November with men across the world growing mustaches and raising funds, their efforts are continuous and ongoing.

Other organizations may get our attention if the effort is reciprocal. We’ll give gift baskets, etc. only if we receive recognition. After all we ARE a business and charity must begin at home. If we can see a benefit coming back to Bad Billy Beard Company then we’re aboard!

There you have, this is how we roll at Bad Billy…LET BAD BILLY GET YOUR GOAT!!

Making Sense of Scents!

You may have noticed that all of our grooming products indicate that they have natural scents or are lightly scented. Our Bad Billy Beard Bar smells just like it is a natural goat’s milk soap with added pine tar. It’s not perfumed or altered. Our Bad Billy Shave Oil has a very light, nearly unnoticeable, scent and the same goes for our Bad Billy Beard Balm.

This is all on purpose. We made the decision that our products would not try to compete with your favorite cologne or aftershave lotion. Whether your favorite carries a designer label like Armani or Gucci or a mass-market label like Stetson or Old Spice you’ve decided that is your signature and we’re not going to insert ourselves into that decision.

If you look at the myriad of beard grooming sites out there you’re going to see scents and fragrances that defy imagination! What in the world does “big thicket” or “cowboy” or “dragon’s blood” smell like anyway? I’m sorry, but I don’t have a scratch and sniff computer monitor!

So check out our products, they will let you be you! And as always…LET BAD BILLY GET YOUR GOAT!!

Our First Blog!

Today we are open for business! From an idea hatched nearly a year ago while sitting in a La Quinta hotel in Austin, TX recovering from the flu until right now we have been dreaming of the day that BAD BILLY BEARD COMPANY would become a reality. That day is here!

We have a whole host of folks to thank for their inspiration and encouragement. First, and foremost, we thank our Lord and Savior through whom all things are possible.

Next is Elin Criswell author of “Bubbles to Bucks…How to Make Money Selling Soap“. Although handmade soap isn’t what Bad Billy is all about, Ms. Criswell’s insight into home-based businesses became our “bible”.

We also have to tip our hat to the guys that started Harry’s Razors, Jeff Raider & Andy Katz-Mayfield. There are virtually no similarities between these East Coast guys and their German razors and Bad Billy, but their marketing acumen and quality products really give us something to shoot for…and to aspire to.

Finally, we couldn’t have started this journey without the love and support of our Vice President and Operations Manager, Cheryl! Bad Billy Beard Company wouldn’t exist without her!