Making Sense of Scents!

You may have noticed that all of our grooming products indicate that they have natural scents or are lightly scented. Our Bad Billy Beard Bar smells just like it is a natural goat’s milk soap with added pine tar. It’s not perfumed or altered. Our Bad Billy Shave Oil has a very light, nearly unnoticeable, scent and the same goes for our Bad Billy Beard Balm.

This is all on purpose. We made the decision that our products would not try to compete with your favorite cologne or aftershave lotion. Whether your favorite carries a designer label like Armani or Gucci or a mass-market label like Stetson or Old Spice you’ve decided that is your signature and we’re not going to insert ourselves into that decision.

If you look at the myriad of beard grooming sites out there you’re going to see scents and fragrances that defy imagination! What in the world does “big thicket” or “cowboy” or “dragon’s blood” smell like anyway? I’m sorry, but I don’t have a scratch and sniff computer monitor!

So check out our products, they will let you be you! And as always…LET BAD BILLY GET YOUR GOAT!!