Our First Blog!

Today we are open for business! From an idea hatched nearly a year ago while sitting in a La Quinta hotel in Austin, TX recovering from the flu until right now we have been dreaming of the day that BAD BILLY BEARD COMPANY would become a reality. That day is here!

We have a whole host of folks to thank for their inspiration and encouragement. First, and foremost, we thank our Lord and Savior through whom all things are possible.

Next is Elin Criswell author of “Bubbles to Bucks…How to Make Money Selling Soap“. Although handmade soap isn’t what Bad Billy is all about, Ms. Criswell’s insight into home-based businesses became our “bible”.

We also have to tip our hat to the guys that started Harry’s Razors, Jeff Raider & Andy Katz-Mayfield. There are virtually no similarities between these East Coast guys and their German razors and Bad Billy, but their marketing acumen and quality products really give us something to shoot for…and to aspire to.

Finally, we couldn’t have started this journey without the love and support of our Vice President and Operations Manager, Cheryl! Bad Billy Beard Company wouldn’t exist without her!